Studio Policies

Lesson Times

Please come prepared with all books! Parents, please be prompt with bringing and picking up your child.


Group Lessons

Groups Lesson attendance is required! If a student cannot attend, there will be no make-ups available.



Each child needs a sturdy bag for music books and may be requested to purchase a metronome.


Computer Lab

I have made available to my students computer programs that support my teaching methods. It accelerates the learning process by reinforcing the music concepts of note reading, rhythm and ear training. This program adds 15 minutes to their lesson and is included in the price of lessons.



Students must practice at least 5 days per week in order to make steady progress. Each student will be given an Assignment book and parents are asked to check it weekly to make sure assignments have been completed.


Missed Lessons

Please notify me early if going out of town. The only acceptable "last-minute" excuses for missed lessons are for personal illness or for family emergency. If you must miss a lesson and find out only minutes before you are to arrive, please call me so I know not to expect you, more importantly, so I won't worry about you.
There will be no make-up lessons because of weather; however, if you can travel without difficulty, please feel free to come for lessons.


Termination of Lessons

If a student wishes to terminate lessons, there must be a ONE month notice prior to the date.

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