Friday, July 7, 2017

MusiCamp 2017

We had so much fun this year at MusiCamp.  We learned to play new card games like "Scale Scramble" and "Screamer Match" and "Note Nabber."  We played Bean Bag Tic Tac Toe which proved to be more challenging than we thought!  Then there were the Cute Tiny Monkeys that kept trying to run away but eventually gave us many points. 

Having fun practicing composition! 🎵

Notice the Sand Art Brownies they already made in Quart jars on the table. Yum, Yum! 😋

Music Dominotes!  We learned to add notes together.

Such cute, cute clowns! 🤡

Older Kids a bit more serious about winning! 🤔

The original regular sized Dominotes. 

Caden taking a sip from his personalized  musically decorated jar!

Sisters using music stickers to make fun cards for their friends!  🎵💟🎵

  Don't B♭  - Let's B